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An action packed weekend.

17 February, 2008

I don’t seem to have had much of a rest this weekend, Friday night went by in a flash and before I knew it I was in the bath and getting ready for bed. On Saturday Ian had to take some photographs of a new property development in Harrogate for an estate agent client of his, so we had a drive over in the morning and picked up some holiday brochures, then had a full English breakfast in a greasy spoon cafe and I found a barber’s and had my hair cut, the first time since before the work’s Christmas party, it NEEDED doing!

We had to drive around a bit as Ian couldn’t remember the address of the property, when we finally found the development, a Victorian terraced house that had been converted into 4 “crash pads”, it wasn’t ready to have photos taken, there was skip outside, the windows were still whitewashed and the builder had piled up large pieces of wood across the doorway. A total waste of time.


We then drove back into Leeds to drop off some paperwork to another of his clients in Pudsey. When we got there the place was all locked up and we couldn’t get access to the letterbox as there was a dirty great big metal gate blocking the entrace which was padlocked. Another waste of time.

As we were close to a local big supermarket we stopped of to do some grocery shopping, we decided we were going to stay in and cook a nice meal and settle down to watch a DVD we’d been lent from a neighbour. When we got there, some friends  (D&K) were waiting for us on the drive who asked if we’d like to join them in going out for a meal. We couldn’t really say no, so we agreed to meet them at their house at 7pm. We showered and got changed and drove down to their house for 7pm as arranged.

They’d chosen a pub called “The True Briton”, apparently D&K had eaten there before and recommended it. It was awful. We all had a sirloin steak, mine was with a whisky and mustard sauce. Once I’d cut all the fat off the steak, I had a small medalion of meat left. We had one drink after then left. I can guarantee we won’t be going back there again! When we got home we went through the holiday brochures we’d picked up earlier in the day. We decided that a weekend away was needed and we’ve chose Barcelona in early April after Easter, 3 nights 4 days, just what the doctor ordered.

cake.jpgSunday we had Ian’s car washed, then stopped off at a newsagent on the way back and purchased a load of magazines, we intended to cook the food we had bought for last night instead for Sunday lunch and then crash out and have a lazy afternoon doing nothing up until 4pm when we had to attend Ian’s next door neighbours son’s 18th birthday party. They’d had this enormous elaberate chocolate birthday cake made, it was fantastic!

I left that at 7.30pm to come back to Penistone.

I feel just as tired as when I went over to Ian’s on Friday. What happened to quiet weekends!

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  1. 18 February, 2008 9:45 PM

    I think I should have proof read that post before pressing the publish button. I must have been tired..well that’s my excuse!

  2. 18 February, 2008 8:39 PM

    Sounds like you’ve been busy but busy weekends are good, at least you can look back and know you’ve done stuff. Mine was on the quiet side but OK.

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