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Oily Profits

31 January, 2008

If there’s one thing certain in this world to get my dander up, it’s big businesses gloating about their huge profits, and that goes double for oil companies. The fact that Shell made a whopping £13.9bn profit while raping the environment is, quite franky, obscene.


What makes me even angrier, is when I have to hand over my hard earned readies at the petrol pump, paying in excess of £1.03 per litre, knowing that somewhere in the region of £0.65 of that money is going straight to the British Government’s purse.

This is a perfect example of why some industries should not be privately owned, the race for profit is at the expense of the environment, the worker and the end user. The leaders of this world have only one solution to certain global problems and that is solve it by raising taxes, which only creates a divide between those that can afford and those that can’t.

If public transport infrastructures were more robust and reliable I could afford not to use my car, but as it stands, they aren’t and I must use my car to get to and from my place of employment. The oil companies and Governments are profiteering in the worst possible way and I resent it, I resent fat cat companies like Shell rubbing my nose in it. It aint big and it certainly aint clever. Rant Over!


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