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Tomorrow’s World – a look back at 1969

28 January, 2008

I came across this little gem of archive footage from 1969 on YouTube. It’s quite scary how close a prediction these people made when making this film. I was at first sceptical about its authenticity, but after doing some research and digging around in the ether I managed to find some evidence that it is real. Apparently one of the American actors in the film went on to be quite famous.


Oh, and please, no comments about how sexist this film is, yes I know, but it was 1969. It’s not an excuse it’s a statement of fact, that’s what it was like back then, hairstyles, clothes, no political correctness and everything! The second wave of feminism hadn’t really built up momentum until around 1969-1970 and they still had a long way to go. Just enjoy the film for what it is, a piece of fluffy history from a more delicate and bygone age.

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