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Grand Designs – Channel 4

15 January, 2008

kevin-mccloud.jpgThe new series of Grand Designs starts tomorrow night on Channel 4 at 9pm, it’s one of the few programmes I’ll make a point of sitting and watching. The programme documents people who are building their own dream homes from the start of construction right through to the end of the project. I love to watch the home builders making monumental cock-up after monumental cock-up.

I love the presenter, Kevin McCloud’s reactions to what they do and how they project manage self build properties, or in most cases, manage extremely badly. I also love the way in which Kevin is passionate about architecture, he can make a description of a house sound like love poetry.

More tomorrow night after I’ve watched the first in the new series,which comes from Cheltenham, where a couple want to build an ultra modern, low maintenance house in the back garden of their existing Regency home.

I can see the sparks flying already!

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  1. Steve permalink
    16 January, 2008 2:34 AM

    That sounds like a cool show! I love any kind of designing shows.

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