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Eating Out

10 January, 2008


Loads of wood and I’m only talking about the acting. It’s trite, boring and not worth the investment in time that it takes to get through it. Go watch paint dry or big brother instead!


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  1. 10 January, 2008 10:10 PM

    I rather enjoyed the clip from Another Gay Movie but the one from Eating Out was soooo dull. I do think it’s good that two men can kiss on “Emmerdale” without it being in all the national press these days (I remember the first gay kiss on EastEnders and what a fuss there was), so, as you say, at least one useful thing might come from this film. I think what would be good would be more good drama on TV or film with gay couples where the “ooh look a gay couple” bit isn’t the main thread of the drama. At the moment, if there’s a gay couple on any television drama, you just KNOW it’s going to be a crucial part of the plot. So I think there’s quite a way to go before it’s just accepted. It’s moving in the right direction, but sloooooooooowly.

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