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Another Gay Movie…why?

9 January, 2008

A friend of mine bought me a couple of DVDs for Christmas; Another Gay Movie and Eating Out. I hadn’t really had chance to watch these films so far, so last night I decided to do my ironing whilst watching the first one. I’m not a huge fan of gay themed films or films that are made specifically for a gay market, but these were a present and so I thought I’d give them a chance.


After the movie ended and I had a lovely pile of freshly ironed clothes and I had to ask myself a question. Why was this film made? It’s a complete and total copy of American Pie, even right down to one of the characters trying to have sex with, in this case, a quiche lorraine.

I don’t understand what the film makers where trying to achieve when they made this film. Was it purely a device to get people to look at sex from a gay point of view, or as a statement about gay teenage angst as apposed to straight?

The film was mildly amusing in places, if only for Graeme Norton wearing a 24 inch prosthetic penis, but the film didn’t really say anything or add any insight into what american gay teenagers may go through as a sexual right of passage. The school they attended seemed to be one of 100% acceptance of homosexuality. I know this film is supposed to be a bit of fluff, but it did stretch credulity a bit.

I wouldn’t say that this film was rubbish as it does serve a purpose of aclimatising movie audiences to seeing two men kissing and showing affection to each other. The film was shown on general release in 2006 with a sequel due out this year. I think I’ll be washing my hair that day!

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