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Chav watching

20 December, 2007

chav.gifLast night a friend and I were sat watching a group of teenage men. They weren’t doing anything interesting or antisocial. They were just loafing outside in the cold night air. We were sat inside a nice warm pub looking out through the window at the world going by.

The teenagers, all dressed in true chav apparel were just doing “being”, just hanging around doing nothing. Out of nowhere my friend voiced and observation I found quite funny.

“Have you noticed…” he said, nodding out the window “that chavs have a tendancy to have high, round, pert bottoms.”

“No, can’t say I have.” I replied, craning my neck out the window to try and verify his observation.

The teenage boys out there in the street all did look to have quite well formed backsides in their track suit bottoms. “I see what you mean” I added.

“It’s probably all that running” he said.

“What running is that then?” I said perplexed ” don’t suppose they’re all into keeping fit.”

“No silly” he said, taking a sip of his drink “away from the police.”

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  1. 6 January, 2008 11:06 PM

    I just learned a new word today. Thanks for inserting the hyperlink 🙂

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