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Playing catch up…

11 December, 2007

006241.jpgAlthough I said I’m back to normal, I guess I was a little premature with that statement. I’d forgotten that Christmas was just around the corner and that the rules for normality are thrown straight out the window when it hits the festive season.

Since the turn of the month I have been trying to do as much of my Christmas shopping as time will allow. I tried to do most of it on-line, but I’ve had to go out into the counties various shopping malls and town centres to do the rest.

I now have a pile of presents that are sat, squat and staring at me in their various carrier bags begging to be wrapped in bright, shiny and gay paper.

I HATE wrapping presents.

I despise doing it with an all consuming passion. I would pay someone to do it for me, I really would, then I’d feel all guilty when handing the damn things over that I’d not done it myself.

I guess I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and spread out on my floor and get it done. Perhaps if I involve copious amounts of alcohol then that would make it better. I can’t say what state the presents would be in once complete, but at least they’d have been done by me.

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