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Another letter from Florida

15 November, 2007

I would have titled this post “Another letter from sunny Florida” but the truth is that it hasn’t been that sunny, ok the temperatures have been in the high 70s for the whole of this week so far, but it has rained 3 times and we’ve been bitten mercilessly by whatever flying insects do the biting here, which has put a dampner on things a tad, but nothing insect repellant hasn’t sorted out!

Miami is just as we remembered, fabulous! The location of the hotel is great, just at the bottom of Lincoln Road, which means that unlike Fort Lauderdale, everything is within easy walking distance, the only time we’ve used taxis this week has been to go to the Seaquarium and to go shopping at the Aventura Mall.

When we arrived at the hotel, we bumped into the head of client services who we befriended the last time we were at the hotel. He very kindly bumped us up to club level, which means free food and drink. The club lounge does 5 “food and beverage presentations” a day, which means, as I’m sure you can imagine, that our food bills have been cut drastically. We’ve still been out for dinner to some nice restaurants while we’ve been here, but it means we haven’t had to put our hands in our pockets for breakfast or lunch.

The bars and clubs here in Miami are just as we remembered them too, The Palace Food bar is slightly smaller as one half has been converted into an ice cream parlour, Twist and Score are exactly the same, some of the same guys are still working behind the bars.

There has been one new addition to the bars, a new bar has been opened by one of the guys who used to work the bar at The Palace. The D-bar is only small, but is really cosy and very friendly.

We’ve also had a real good look around at some of the apartments for sale. The area we’ve been looking at has been from Lincoln Road to 5th, and as far down as Alton. Most of the apartments in this area are either Art Deco in style or have some Spanish influence.

jeff.jpgThe apartments aren’t any higher than three stories, which is what we prefer. Most of the apartments range in price from, $250,000 to around $450,000. With the exchange rate from GBP to the dollar being what it is, this makes buying a place here in Miami even more attractive. We stopped into The Bank of America this morning too and discussed opening bank accounts here, it’s fairly easy and you don’t need to be resident here in the US to open an account. All you need is an address. They can send all your post electronically anywhere in the world via email.

So, things are moving on with the retirement plan, we have realtors looking for suitable apartments, and we can open up bank accounts easy enough. All we have to do now is to sort out the entrance visa details and we’re all set. We’ve been discussing dates for the final move here but we still have other considerations before we can set a final date just yet. Finding somewhere to live is the main problem, but once we’ve bought somewhere, we can use it for a holiday home until we’re ready to move permanently.

ipodtouch.jpgSo, all in all it’s been a good few weeks here in Florida, I’m all rested apart from a bout of toothache which is under control now. The few days of rain haven’t really spoiled things too much and our thoughts are turning now to the journey back to the UK. Only a day or so left to go, I’ve bought myself a new iPod-Touch and I’m all shopped out and Ian is now 6 shades darker than when we arrived, whereas, I swear I’m whiter than before we got here.

Anyway, we’re back in the UK on Sunday morning. I can’t really say I’ll be glad to go home, no-one ever likes their vacations to end do they? I am looking forward to seeing the Old Folks, I have missed them and the dog of course.

There’s so much more that we’ve done this week, I’m having trouble remembering eveything, but I’ll probably do a couple of post Florida posts when I can get some photos uploaded…so until then, one more day left to party…

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  1. Daphne permalink
    15 November, 2007 10:20 PM

    Enjoy it! I was working in Holmfirth again today and I have to say the sky was blue and it was lovely – – but I suspect it’s warmer where you are!

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