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Squirrel taming…

1 November, 2007

Reading Daphne’s blog today reminded me of something I meant to blog about but completely forgot, what with the problem with the car last week and everything. But I really meant to tell you about the squirrel taming exercise. Ian’s garden is pretty big and located at the bottom of it are a selection of trees that have been there forever, or so it seems, they are protected and were there when the house was constructed.

Living in these trees are a few families of squirrels, who every year dig up the flower containers, lawn and anything else they can find to bury acorns for winter storage.


This year, we’ve been trying to tame some of the squizzels as they run around the garden by enticing them to come close with acorns held in our hands. Of course they’ve been very cautious, wary and very shy, but last Sunday one actually took the plunge and finally came close enough to take an acorn from my fingers.

It was the cutest thing ever.

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