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The weekend…

28 October, 2007

…just finished, had a hectic few days dashing around doing final bits and bobs, picking up various articles for the holiday next week. Ian has developed some kind of gastric stomache bug which gives him horrendous wind. The doctor said he probably picked it up from the hospital when he visited his father last week! So much for clean hospitals.

The doctor also prescribed some antibiotics and a bottle of a noxious mixture which he has to drink for the next two weeks, which means he’ll have to take some on the plane, so we’ve had to hunt out a small bottle less than 100ml, which is all airport security will allow. Found that in Boots. £0.30 not a bad price.

Went into Borders to buy my airport and pool reading, noticed a sign saying that there was going to be a book signing while I’m away by one of my friends who has his 2nd book out. Gonna miss that, not too bothered as I have a signed copy already, but would have been fun to watch him sit and gloat.

Then, today, we went across to McArthur Glen in York, a fairly big (by UK standards) discount designer outlet. I fell in love with a blue Armani fur lined short coat, but that’s not what we went for, so I didn’t buy it. I wish I had now the weather has changed again!

Ian picked up some more swimming trunks and a few more t-shirts. We’ve decided not to pack a lot, gives us more scope for buying when we’re there. I still bought a Bench polo shirt though, grey and orange stripes, will look fab with jeans or shorts!

I’ve also decided to upgrade my iPod when I’m in Miami to one of the new iPod Nanos that play video. I might try and sell my old one this week to one of my collegues at work and put the money towards the new one.


Tomorrow is my last week at work, no one, and I MEAN NO ONE, is going to spoil it. I intend to let everything wash over me and not rise to any office politics. I still have Halloween to contend with on Wednesday, so all in all, this week should fly by.

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  1. 31 October, 2007 3:31 AM

    Do you have those nasty MRSA outbreaks we’ve been having in N. America lately in Europe?

    BTW, Happy Halloween.

    Mike Says:- We’ve been having MRSA outbreaks in our hospitals for a few years now! It’s all down to hygiene, the desire to cut corners and maximise on profit for sub contrated cleaning firms is probably the root cause. I’ve always maintained that all cleaning staff should be employed by the hospitals directly and not via some third party. Cleaners should be in hospitals all day, full time, not just 3 hours a day, first thing in the morning.

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