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without wheels…

24 October, 2007

jkn0268l.jpgLast night while driving home from work, my car broke down. Why does this happen to me? This is twice now and almost exactly a year apart. Last year, almost to the day, the same thing happened. It seems that someone, somewhere is determined for me to not enjoy my holiday!

It’s cost me a day off work and £135.00 ($270.00) to have the car recovered, then the repair bill on top of that!

So much for the “just in case” extra money I’d put aside for spending money while away.

I’m not even sure when the car will be repaired, the garage still haven’t phoned me to say when they can fit it in. It’s just sat there like so much scrap metal, waiting to be fixed!

Until it’s repaired I’ll have to get to work on the train, which is a complete bind, it’s like a cattle truck at both morning and evening, I always end up next to someone who insists on either shouting at their mobile phone or stinking to high heaven of B.O.

Thank God for books and the iPod!

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