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Thou shalt not worship false packages…

19 October, 2007

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  1. 23 July, 2009 10:05 PM

    Hi Ted,
    That really made me laugh, there are a few celebs out there that have been caught out “enhancing” their manhood.

  2. Ted permalink
    18 July, 2009 1:47 PM

    Jimmy Hendrix reportedly used to place his thing in an empty paper toilet roll before going on stage, wearing tight pants, to create a bigger bulge. As far as false advertising goes, ha!, by the time the fine “lady” figures out that you’re not all what she had hoped, the dude has already accomplished his mission! She might not be grinning ‘n bearing it, but he sure will! Ha!

  3. Rob permalink
    25 January, 2009 7:29 AM

    Maybe ordinary underwear make packages appear smaller then they are…

  4. Andy Ankers permalink
    27 June, 2008 5:39 AM

    interesting thread; I didn’t read it all, but……… as a furvent supporter of…

    Most guys by ‘jock-ups’ not for themselves or you varacious ladies, but to hold their own (as it were) with their buddies.

    There’s a size war going on.

    We all know that there are growers and showers; big balls and small but fact is; if it makes somebody feel good, then so be it.

    Where would our double AA sisters be without the wonderbra!

  5. 26 June, 2008 6:04 PM

    OHH,, SEXY!

  6. 20 June, 2008 1:27 AM

    i like you penis

  7. Luke permalink
    8 December, 2007 7:26 PM

    Anything that makes a guys cock/balls more prominent is A-OK with me. The guys pictured above are very hot.

  8. diedonthevine permalink
    30 October, 2007 11:56 PM

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for your comment on my thoughts. I thought since you asked me a question the proper thing to do was answer you.
    I wish I could articulate my entire vision about this and other social behaviours in a succinct and easily comprehensible fashion, but regrettably the negative forces in my life have oppressed and suppressed me from expressing myself with confidence or even uncovering it all from within and then finding the words to express it rationally and attractively.
    My answer though to your question is that nothing as complicated as the family unit model collectively comprised of complicated thinking beings with seperate needs, personalities, limits (all the variables possible that we may or may not have) could be pre-empted in such a way as you imagined. First and foremost, the head of the family, the parents, this is where it must start. With the administrators. It must come with there committed participation and belief in there sucess. In my vision, version, our society would have made big changes socially across the board though to support all people lives and work towards “best practices” for all aspects of living. I am speaking about radical social change which is not religion based, nor is it political in any sense other than moving in on a political stage already in place. I am speaking about a deep committed endeavor to embrace humanity together as a team with focus & purpose; not guided by beliefs but built upon tried and true human principles that are known to create good will and foster a new complete look on our roles in each others lives. Contentment, joy, well being, self-fulfillment, these things are essential for everyone’s access for excellent growth potential and realization.
    I am speaking about making capitalism and business concerns SECONDARY TO OUR NEEDS FOR GROWING BETTER. (Now don’t get lost on me here. I said it was radical because we are sick, this country, the world, we humans are in need of drastic “surgery” to put us on the road to recovery. So bear me out and just give it a thought or two.) Access to important tools collectively to learn about emotions for one thing, openly, clearly, bringing it square to the forefront and learning and teaching/making available for learning all can and studying, and building new ways to interact and the expectations we have and the likes. Lets spend quality imperative time re-inventing how we can use them for our enlightened interactions with one another. There is way more, but this is just a taste of my ideas. Although I say I feel I have no confidence, that is true, but my lack is when I am around people. Especially certain personality types. What I have complete confidence in is that if we truly wanted and worked at making our lives drastically different, we could. We all have that power, only it really must be on a collective basis and must be based on human principles such as they attempted in the Declaration of Independence; they had the hazy beginnings of what possibilities people’s aspirations could achieve but the dogma of today mired in capatalism and apathy has prevented any further real for lack of a more descriptive word, postive development. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH AMERICAN IDEALS. What is wrong is how they are implemented and distorted to fit this way and that and well I think you get the gyst. You sound like a pretty savvy guy. Each generation born in it’s best state is an opportunity to create a new future based on human rights and principles of good worth. The key though remains in somehow creating the desire for all who would gain (everyone would gain by participating, that’s the whole premise, no one is scapegoated, left out, preyed upon) to take a stand with and for each other to put our human rights above all else. I have not had time to publish the full extent of my ideas so you will just have to wait until I have developed it more fully, but for now let me apologize for such a long winded answer. I think there is NO EASY ANSWERS, I think changing things is extremely hard, but I also believe it is worth it, worth every single moment of my breath in this moment that I live. Blessings to you. Love your blog. Oh, I did want to say I agreed with you about the briefs/undies post. You know they had stuff like that for us women for years and still inventing more, I too think it is false advertising. My feeling though too would be shame if I did use some enhancement and then my partner was disappointed. Congrats on publishing! Daphnee Died On the Vine

  9. 20 October, 2007 8:48 AM

    Hmm. Doesn’t do a lot for me I must say. Is a shame, because it highlights the insecurity of many gay men who are so body obsessed and often brain-dense, this is what they feel they have to resort to to ‘get noticed’. I’m all for dressing well and making an impression, but pants that push out your meat & and 2 veg are taking it one step too far.

    So easy to tell that we’re not long descended from animals cos this sort of thing – drawing attention to the the prominence of your genitals however you can – is exactly what you’d expect to see in the animal kingdom.

    Also, I would say most straight males aren’t dogged with the insecurity that gay males carry so I think this is firmly aimed at the gay market.

  10. 20 October, 2007 8:42 AM

    Heheheheh you’re too funny. Back in college, I discovered that my roomie stuffed a sock in his underwear every morning. He’d walk around in sweats with this abnormally out of proportion bulge. I could never figure it out. Cuz I’d seen him naked. We were roomies. I kept thinking. You’re not big! Then I caught him…..

  11. Daphne permalink
    19 October, 2007 11:27 PM

    Oh no, it doesn’t do it for me. Naked is fine, or suggestion-of-where-things-might-be is also interesting. But I don’t need an anatomy text book, because it’s just Not Interesting. Also he doesn’t look like he does witty repartee. But hey, I don’t expect he fancies me either.


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