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The Bible…

9 October, 2007

Larry the Gay LobsterI know I said in a recent post that I don’t comment on religion, as a rule I run a mile from any religious discussion or thread…


I’ve just read a stupid post on another blog, written by a stupid Christian who has quoted a passage from the bible to “PROVE” that homosexuality is wrong.

“Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.” Leviticus 18:22 & 20:13 (yes, it appears twice!)

Hmm, Ok, I can’t deny it does say that in the Bible, I have checked…


It also says this;

“Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.” Leviticus 19:19

“Do not eat any meat with the blood still in it.” Leviticus 19:26

“Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard” Leviticus 19:27

“But all creatures in the seas or streams that do not have fins and scales—whether among all the swarming things or among all the other living creatures in the water—you are to detest.” Leviticus 11:10

So, this means that if homosexuality is wrong, so is any piece of clothing made from a wool and cotton blend, I must henceforth burn all my sweaters and socks! A medium or rare steak is an obvious abomination and anyone who eats one should be put to death (stoned, as in method not as in wasted). Anyone that has a haircut and cuts the side of their hair, or any man that shaves or clippers off his beard; I’m afraid you too are ungodly and shall forever burn in Hell. If you’re fond of lobster, crab or shrimp I’m afraid it’s eternal damnation also.

Sometimes, the Bible is so out of date that it can be ridiculous, as are those who use it to subjugate and marginalise.

End of sermon.

Oh and I’ve turned off comments for this post. Like I’ve said, I don’t get into arguments over religion.


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