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Damn cyclists…

3 October, 2007

humanpower.jpgWhile driving my way into work early this morning, I’d pulled up at a red light. As I was waiting for the lights to change to green, a guy in his 30s, on a bike, wearing a rather attractive pair of cycling shorts rides past. He slows at the red light ahead and just as I’m admiring the shape of his muscular backside and legs in his shorts, he takes off again through the red light and carries on his way, leaving the rest of us motor driven mugs behind.

Is it just me? I thought that road traffic lights applied to everyone, not just vehicles with engines!


It’s becoming more and more common for bike riders to slip through red lights or weave in and out of traffic in some quite alarming and dangerous ways.

I know rush hour can be a pain, and we’d all do it if we had the chance, but the law applies to everyone on the road for a reason, primarily to stop people like him, getting killed or injured.

Anyway, I still sort of forgive him, seeing as how he looked so damn good in his shorts…..fickle aint I!

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  1. 3 October, 2007 12:33 PM

    I’ll admit that I do it all the time on my motorcycle!

    Mike Says: – Shame on you…do you wear skin tight shorts too?

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