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17 September, 2007

Well the weekend’s over, the birthday party was a lot of fun, it’s suprising how much fun you can have surrounded by 8 year olds. For the brithday boy’s birthday we bought him some Transformers from ToysRus, I’ve not seen the film yet, no one would go with me! but he seemed to know who they were, but not how to get them to transform, that was left to me. It took me about 20minutues just to work out how one of the cars transformed into a robot. How do the manufacturers expect kids to work this out? It wasn’t until later when someone pointed out the set of instructions that had been thrown away with the wrapping paper!

I love going to ToysRus, it gives me an excuse to look at all the stuff I’m not supposed to, but this time I did make a purchase for myself. Those of you who read my blog may have gathered I’m a Doctor Who fan, the old stuff as well as the new, so when I saw a 12″ version of one the Judoon Captain, I just had to buy it. The detailing is great and so lifelike.


I’m sorry if this is a spoiler for those of you out there who haven’t yet seen the new season, below is a clip from the first episode of Season 3 featuring the good looking gentleman above!

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  1. 19 September, 2007 3:02 AM

    Awwwww, that sucks!

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