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Why do you blog?

15 August, 2007

During my lunch today, I was sat outside, after the rain had stopped, eating my sandwich with a work colleague. I was telling her about some of the funny posts that I’ve read recently from across the web and my friends over at Gaymenrule. She nodded and laughed in all the right places and then after a short pause asked, “Why do you do it?” Without thinking I answered,

“My dear, you know how much I love an audience, this is so much bigger, I have the whole world looking over my shoulder!”

She looked at me blankly. I rushed on,

“How many times have you seen something funny, or interesting that you’ve wanted to share with someone else?!” I asked her.

“Lots of times I guess.” she replied,

“Well, imagine you could tell the whole world and put a smile onto thousands of peoples faces instead of just one.” I explained.

“Ah, I see!” she nodded, “and whats this WordPress thingy again…?”

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  1. Curious Me permalink
    17 August, 2007 5:18 AM

    That’s a great question! For me .. I never really thought about why I even blogged. I started to write just because it was a way for my friends to get to know me better. Then it transformed into what was happening in my daily life (i.e. school issues, work related posts, etc.), I think now it’s an outlet for me to voice my own opinions and viewpoints in life. Throw some personal stories here and there of course.

    It’s also a neat way to help people too. Especially if you find a website that’s helpful for example or any tips and tricks in life, etc. The more a blogger writes .. the more you get to see their true personality and who they are. So rather than base someone on looks … in the blogging world .. you base them on their personality first, well hopefully though.

  2. 15 August, 2007 7:44 PM

    I was thinking about something quite similar very recently, about different types of blog (and why people write them).

    I don’t actually know what the answer is for me. When I blogged way back in 2003 (on 20six), it was about work and online dating and the quest for Mr Right. A lot of people (including myself) really weren’t sure what blogging was back then, certainly wasn’t mainstream. I only blogged for a year or so and then quit completely, only having restarted a few months ago.

    I guess I blog now to share feelings and issues with likeminded people (probably why I’m here now! :P) ). Blogging allows you to find a highly specialised audience that is like yourself, which I think is so much of what the appeal is about. You just can’t do that in ‘real life’ (well, not easily).

    Some people only really blog about personal staff (ups and downs of life), others only seem to blog on current issues / notes of interest. I think mine is a mixture of both (has been, ahem, overly personal recently which has led me to retract certain posts, hehe).

    Mike Says:- I know what you mean, I’ve written posts in the past and immediately gone back and deleted them. With me it’s not being able to truely let go and say what I really think, I guess I’m still a little inhibited about posting real full on emotions, but saying that, it’s not often something gets me that wound up! I think sometimes it’s good to see the black and white of a person’s personality.

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