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Back, crack and sack…

7 August, 2007

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  1. Jim Barrow permalink
    19 November, 2009 1:41 PM

    This used to be a taboo subject but for twenty plus years I have shaved everything between the nose and the toes. The only hair on my entire body is the top of my head and that’s sometimes too much. This has nothing to do with my being gay, but more about good hygiene, my looks plus it just feels great.

    Granted for a man who is naturally hairy all over (except back) removing all this hair is no easy task because I’m talking 4-hrs in the shower and at least 5 blade changes. If only there was a cream solution that a person could just rub on the area’s in question then rinse off in the shower but no such thing exists especially for sensitive area’s.

    Having just seen the first photo from Levi Johnstons playgirl shoot with him appearing in a shower with one arm up and over his head, bam, armpit hair from hell. Just made me cringe. Most guys even the str8 counterparts are finally realizing how disgusting body hair can be especially armpits and groin. Smooth is the way to go, it is sexually attractive, and it makes one appear younger.

    Removing body hair should be on every guys list of things to do. For me personally, no shave – no date.

  2. Roy M Cox permalink
    3 July, 2009 5:06 AM

    I have a bad skin problem that makes you loos hair im a 37yrold man and some times i end up looking like i have a 9yrolds body i cant help it .. and hate it cuzz of all the people that ask me the same thing do i shave my body this happens whine i get new dates and the time come for sex , ;_; thy end up walking out on me thinking that im being weard or some thing 😦 i don’t know what all the fuss is about guys not having a hairy body is i meen if you like not being harry then go for it ..
    i have dated some guys that shave their body’s and i don’t make a big deal of it and the same with the women i dated “so what” . and yes im bisexual male not gay

  3. 9 August, 2007 12:34 AM

    You know I actually had this done once, I thought I was going to die.

  4. EKF permalink
    8 August, 2007 9:18 PM

    The make-women-paranoid industry is bad enough… we don’t need a make-men-paranoid one to match.

    Ha, can’t imagine my man waxing, moisturising, refraining from a triple-layered curry and chip sandwich, or any of this kind of thing.

    He did dark lippie once, to be goth-y, and ruined so many lipsticks.

    He does shave his balls though.


    Mike says:- have you asked him? it may be TMI but I also do mine, because they feel better, but I’m gay so that’s nothing to go by!

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