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Music makes me happy…

23 July, 2007

Music doesn’t play that big a part in my life, I normally listen to talk radio if I’m driving. I seldom have a radio on in the house, not even for background noise. I have a fairly large CD collection, mainly because I never throw anything away and will buy CDs on impulse, play them, RIP them to my pc and iTunes then shove the CD on a shelf to gather dust.

Then, every so often, I suffer from a music streak where I’ll have my iPod constantly glued to my ears and the searches I carry out on the web will tend to be related to music of some kind. It’s normally sparked off by discovering a video on Youtube by an artist or group I like, or I’ll discover something new, something that speaks to my soul and I’ll run off and buy the CD and play it again and again and again until the novelty wears off. Then I’ll shove it on my iPod and assimilate it into the shuffle. I’ve had one of those occasions recently, I was searching for videos of the band “Hard-Fi” I was hoping to find a video or two of the songs from their last album.I did in fact find a few of the videos on Youtube, but I also discovered they have a new album out in August and a video of the title track from the album. This made me very happy.

I also discovered a new artist, well; new to me anyway. His name is Seth Lakeman and he is from the UK, Devon to be exact. His material is a modern take on traditional folk music. What also drew me to his music was the passion with which he plays the fiddle. He’s a very talented young man. See the video below for his song ‘The lady of the sea’

Oh, and yes, he is a hottie! If you’d like to listen to any more of his work, check out YouTube or Amazon and buy his album ‘Freedom Fields’. I’ve been listening to him all weekend and again today in the car going to and coming home from work.

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  1. 6 August, 2007 8:17 PM

    I had to check out the blogger who outed himself on ‘hive-boy’s’ site. Glad I checked you out. This guy is amazing. I downloaded the album ASAP. Can’t wait to get home and load it onto the Ipod.

    Thanks. Lexx.

    Mike Says:- There are so many tracks on that album I listen to over and over again, but my favourite has to be “The White Hare”. Check out his website here

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