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London Underground too prudish…

18 July, 2007

London Underground have asked for a poster advertising a gay lifestyle magazine to be substituted as they deemed it too racy for passengers and commuters. They have asked for a more sedate one to be used instead.

The offending cover of GT ironically marks the 40th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality.

Tube bosses rejected the image because they felt that one of the models was in a state of undress. A second version, reproduced below, was approved.

gttube3.jpg gttube2.jpg

The banned one – The accepted one

The advertising campaign started yesterday in tube stations in central London.

Rupert Murdoch-owned free title thelondonpaper ran the story yesterday, and is running a poll on their website asking Londoners if they think the ban was justified.

The vast majority of comments on thelondonpaperwebsite are supportive of GT, with many highlighting other, more explicit advertising that has previously been approved.

One reader commented: “It’s funny that they allowed the Dolce and Gabanna advert at Piccadilly station, the one with five men in a row in underwear. Also the adverts were allowed and most off them had nothing on their top halves.”

A spokesman for GT said: “In our opinion, their refusal­ is totally unjustified considering some of the heterosexual­ ads on display at the moment.

“By having a couple in a natural pose, consumers can infer that they are a couple.”

“The freedom issue is all about celebrating this fact, and the fact couples of the same sex have the same rights as heterosexual couples.”

Transport for London said: “We are in discussions to see if we can find an outcome ­acceptable to both parties.”

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  1. 2 August, 2007 4:27 PM

    Maybe it’s just me, but I actually found the “accepted” poster to be far racier…the hands in the back are closer to the guy’s “naughty bits” and it looks like he’s just about to grope him! Funny they thought it was tamer than the other one. How weird.

  2. 1 August, 2007 8:28 PM

    Too true..I’ll quote a line I used before in my “Keane – Bad Day Video” post about scenes of gay imtimacy

    “if the sight of two men kissing disturbs you, watch the film, then watch it again and keep on watching it until you get used to it!”

  3. 1 August, 2007 4:36 PM

    London Underground should grow up. Even if the man in the background was starkers in the first one you still couldn’t see any naughty bits. The first one’s much better and they should have accepted it. It’s far tamer than many heterosexual adverts. If homosexuality is ever to be equally acceptable as heterosexuality in the mind of the public, then adverts such as this one should be shown.

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