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Are you ready for this…

13 July, 2007

ef8d8d4d9157ca7cbf30c63a765b.jpgThe UK says it sad goodbyes to the Beckhams as they set off for pastures Red, White and Blue. I don’t believe for one minute that we won’t hear from them again. The media machine will find them and hunt them down where ever they are in the world.

David Beckham, hearlded as ‘one of the greatest soccer players ever’ and Victoria Beckham former Spice Girl are THE photogenic couple.

Him, with his smouldering good looks, athletic body and countless millions is the perfect compliment to her singing, modelling career and countless millions.

The salary of Mr Beckham is said to be worth 128 million dollars over the next 5 years, which is no small amount by any standards. I don’t think he’ll notice the extra cash in his bank account though.

I really don’t think it’ll be too long before the lure of Hollywood pulls Mr Beckham into an acting career, he’ll be in LA afterall, and I think the lure of celebrity appearances on TV shows and sit-coms will be too much for him to resist. He’ll crave the exposure that these will bring him and I predict he’ll be just as much a household name as Oprah by the turn of the next decade.

David’s allure, certainly comes from two sources, he is a very talented and accomplished soccer player, he is also very good looking and has a fantastic body, some say, complimented with the rough and ready tattoos that he sports. These two unique selling point are what’ve made him so financially successful as top clubs and product brands clammour to be associated with him or his image and will throw huge, almost obscene, amounts of money at him.

His success has also made him a figure of hate, but I think that this mainly boils down to jealousy. I for one, don’t envy him his millions, I certainly don’t envy his looks or body.

I don’t wan’t to be him, although I would love to ‘do’ him. That, however, is an altogether different kind of post!

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