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Sun, sand and sex…

2 July, 2007

Because the rain hasn’t stopped once today, and it’s supposed to be summer here in the UK, I’ve been wistfully staring out at the dull, grey sky over Yorkshire and my wandering thoughts have turned to my vacation in November . I know my vacation is still 5 months away, but dreaming about it is the only thing that’s keeping me sane at the moment. I really do need a vacation, especially after the horrendous flooding and bad weather we’ve had here in Yorkshire over the last few weeks.

I have been browsing the various websites for gay tourism in Fort Lauderdale and Miami tonight and I’m getting a little excited. It will be my first time visiting Fort Lauderdale this year and I can’t wait. I also can’t wait to get some white sand between my toes in Miami again. The last time I was there two years ago was glorious, I loved South Beach. I can honestly see myself retiring there, or LA, I can’t decide.

The things I love about South Beach in Miami are the beaches, the art deco hotels on Ocean Drive, Jerry’s Diner, the clubs and bars on Lincoln and Ocean Drive, the men and most of all the sunshine! My last visit was just after hurricane Katrina and Miami had almost got itself back to normal, there were still some signs of destruction, damaged windows and palm trees, some awnings over shops and bars were ragged and torn, but that didn’t spoil the charm and vitality of the place. I’m looking forward to seeing how the place looks now two years later. The guys I met and chatted to were all really great and very friendly, which really helped me fall in love with Miami.

The websites I’ve visited tonight have filled me with renewed vigour and excitement and I keep glancing at a postcard I bought in a souvenier shop on Ocean Drive which shows the hotels all lit up with their neon signs and the cars slowly cruising down the road. Each time I look out my window, I have to look at the postcard to cheer myself up. November can’t come quickly enough!

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