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Star Trek:Hidden Frontier

26 June, 2007

Since Star Trek:Enterprise was taken off the air so abruptly in 2005, the fans of the show with the whereabouts, know-how and money have done only what they could have done. They carried on making the show for themselves. If you’re a Star Trek fan and have never seen any of the fan-based episodes of Star Trek:Hidden Frontier, you are really missing a treat.

 The guys have tried to maintain a certain integrity with the shows and have attempted to tackle issues that the real show never got round to tackling, such as openly gay crew members. Technically they have a long way to go, but that’s down to a lack of real studio finance and facilities. The acting may not be perfect, but their hearts are 100% in it, the special effects are very good for an amateur production and the storylines aren’t too shabby.

I started watching their episodes a while ago and I’ve had 7 seasons to catch up on. I have to admit, I’m hooked, but only because I missed my weekly dose of Trek too. The fan films have been so successful that they now have two spin offs in production, Star Trek:Odyssey, which is due for release later this year and another in 2008.

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