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When history repeats itself…

25 June, 2007

Today, the banks of the River Don burst and most of Sheffield city centre is under water. Over 100 people have had to be airwinched to safety by rescue services. My journey home, which normally takes me 30mins, took me 6 hours. Parts of my route home were 4ft underwater. A young boy of 13 was swept away to his death and his body has only just been recovered. Not since the great flood in 1864 has Sheffield seen such devastation. 240 people lost their lives in that catastrophe. Sheffield tonight, looks like New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.


The air rescue helicopters are still hovering over factories and airwinching people to safety as I type these words. SKY News on their website state ‘Emergency services are mounting a major rescue operation after hundreds of people became trapped in their workplaces by rising flood waters in Sheffield.

Around 35,000 homes are without power and hospitals in the city have appealed for staff to try to go into work to help out.

People stranded inside buildings told Sky News how they had watched helplessly as walls were pulled down and cars swept away by torrents of water raging outside.’


I was lucky, I started my journey home from Sheffield city centre at 3pm this afternoon. I just managed to avoid the worst. Tomorrow, when the rains have stopped and the rest of the waters has come down from the hills and mountains of the Peak District, its going to get worse and hit a lot more places than Sheffield. I for one, will be staying home, high and dry.

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  1. 26 June, 2007 8:04 AM

    Thankfully I was, but my heart goes out to all those who were trapped and have lost loved ones or homes.

  2. 26 June, 2007 3:45 AM

    Oh my God, that’s horrible! I’m so glad you’re safe.


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