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When brands collide…

20 June, 2007

Whilst firtling around the internet tonight, being really sad and looking at the bbc’s Doctor Who website, I also stumbled upon this image below.


It’s probably quite old now, but I thought it a really good example of how two brands can come together to re-enforce their image. It’s obviously not the first time the Daleks have been used to re-enforce a brand, they have advertised Kit-Kats, newspapers, batteries and even a porno movie! (see below) although the porno was never endorsed by Terry Nation’s (the Dalek’s creator) estatedalek_1.jpg. Since Doctor Who was brought back to our screens in 2005 by Russell T Davies (the creator of Queer as folk) the Daleks have had a renaissance and are once again appearing on everything from pencil cases to duvet covers. ‘Dalekmania’ is having its second wind. The image rights are owned by Terry Nation’s estate, however, it was a BBC designer Raymond Cusick who actually came up with the famous pepperpot and kitchen sink plunger look.

The Daleks have remained in the public’s conciousness since their first appearance on British televison screens in the 1960s and have attained a cult status in the UK and across the world. The Daleks are rightfully regarded as a design icon and it’s no suprise that a company like apple would latch onto the Dalek design classic as a way of re-enforcing their own design classic, the iPod.

 Daleks are hip once again and every hip sentient being shouldn’t be without an iPod!

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  1. Brian Taylor permalink
    22 December, 2007 10:50 AM

    The nude photo of Katy Manning with a Dalek had nothing what so ever to do with the unlicensed porn movie using Daleks.

    The photo comes from a magerzine shoot that Katy did for Girl Illustrated magerzine in 1977

    Mike Says:- Well nobody’s

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