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Annon or not!

12 June, 2007

I have been discussing blogging with some of my friends and some of the people I have met through my online life. One of the subjects that has caused quite some debate is whether you should blog annonymously or stand up and stick your name on your blog. The amount of people who have said that they definately would never put their name to their blog has amazed me. They all have their reasons, but it all boils down to one fundamental issue. If you put your name to your blog and then you write something bad about someone or about your employer, you could face litigation or being fired.

My argument for putting my name on my blog is this. I would never write anything I wasn’t prepared to stand by and if that means being fired, then so be it. I don’t write lies in my blog, my blog is my opinion. I seriously doubt whether anyone at my employers would ever read my blog in the first place, but, and this is a big BUT, I do work with people I like and I work with people I dislike. I keep my personal feelings about them to myself. I am professional and do not let personal bias get in the way of doing my job. I don’t often mention my work and when I do it’s only a passing mention. I’m also very much ‘out’ at work so that certainly isn’t a problem either.

I work to live, not the other way round and so my work is secondary to the time I spend with my family, friends and loved ones. The real me happens outside of work and that’s what I blog about.

Those who believe that the Government scans and reads all blogs are probably justifiably paranoid, they probably do scan all blogs, but so what! It’s probably all done by machine in the same way Google works, looking for keywords and word strings. I’m not likely to write about assasinating anyone, nor am I ever likely to want to plot a terrorist attack on anyone, so what have I got to be afraid of?

Nothing! except maybe a stalker and I’ve always wanted one of those!

So, to all those people who fear brimstone and treacle for writing what they really feel and never put their names to their words. I offer up this award to you!

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