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Jersey Cream

18 April, 2007

Got back from Jersey late last night and went straight to bed. We had a great, relaxing time on our long weekend. Although there’s not a lot to do on the island, we were certainly kept very busy. Friday was spent exploring St Helier, which didn’t take long. There’s nothing much there that isn’t in every major town or city in the UK.

Saturday we hired a little car and took to the road. We followed the coast road around the island as close as we could, stopping here and there for photo opportunities, ice creams, drinks and to use the loo. We managed to do a complete circuit around the island in 7 hours. The island itself is beautiful, if you ignore St Helier, with winding roads and hidden bays with crystal blue waters where in summer dolphins play in the shallow waters of the bays. On most of the beaches there are millions of sea shells scattered about in tide lines after being washed up and dumped by the waves. (Flickr Pics)

Sunday was a gloriously sunny day so we went to the zoo. It was well worth the entrance fee and we spent the whole day there, we fell in love with the gorillas and the organ-u-tangs. (Flickr Pics)

Monday started off pretty bad with thunder and lightening early on in the morning, but by 8am it had cleared up and we decided to catch the 8.45am ferry across to St Malo in France for the day, being English we did take our umbrellas just in case. The price of the ferry was very reasonable at £29 each return. St Malo is a very picturesque town, with high buildings and an imposing wall around the old part of town. It’s very, very French! We found the people very friendly and it was much cheaper than we’d expected. We caught the 5.30pm ferry back to Jersey absolutely tired out! (Flickr Pics)

All in all we had a great time, the island is well worth a visit, most surprising of all is that the island is spotlessly clean, with no litter and virtually no graffiti to spoil the place. Even the ubiquitous chavs were polite and courteous. It’s a great place if you want to unwind and relax and forget about what the rest of th UK is about for at least a few days!

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