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Search engine madness

10 April, 2007

I’ve been looking at my blog stats and have made a startling discovery, I suppose it says a lot about the type of people that trawl the internet using search engines like Google. I’ve discovered that if I use the words, Star Trek, pointy breasts, underpants, rippling muscles and circumsiced penises that I get more hits per post than any other.

So, for all those straight guys and gay gals out there who have come across my blog using those terms, here’s a picture of Jolene Blalock, who starred in Star Trek:Enterprise, with pointy breasts and only wearing her underpants….

 and I whole heartedly apologise to those gay guys and straight gals who wanted rippling muscles and circumsiced penises……oh, stuff it! who am I to disapoint my public! Have fun! You’ll have to click on the thumb to get the full sized version!


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