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Bond Bombshell

20 March, 2007

With the release of Casino Royale on Monday, it seems there’s a great deal of interest about Daniel Craig on the net. Various searches using his name as a criteria pull up trivia and info about the hunky actor’s career.

Looking at it from a gay blokes point of view, I first became aware of Mr Craig’s sexy, good looks and muscular torso in the Tomb Raider movie with Angelia Jolie. I really sat up and took notice then.

His role as Bond has really made him a world wide name and a sought after leading man.

I was lucky enough, in LA last year, to sit on my hotel room balcony, which overlooked the hotel’s gym, and watch him work out with one of his “minders”.

Even though he is now a superstar, he still has not lost his sense of humour and happily appeared alongside Catherine Tate in a comedy sketch for Comic Relief this year. A sign that he’s also a nice guy? Let’s hope so.

The search on the web continued with a google image search, which pulled out the obvious Casino Royale pictures of him in his blue swim trunks and also a screen snap of him in a previous film showing him in ALL his glory, suffice it to say the blond Bond’s collars and cuffs Do match.

Daniel Craig

For those who’s curiosity is fit to bursting I’ve included THAT particular snap for your personal delight!

Bond in the bath

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  1. Raxicoricofalipitorius permalink
    27 August, 2007 3:38 PM

    Yh, i totally agree, he is very sexy and that is definetly him, i’ve studied that picture hard and it is deffo him!! Not bad for his age!!

  2. Butterfly permalink
    27 August, 2007 3:28 PM

    i couldn’t believe that this is him and fuckin hell he has a nice cock yum yum, and speedos+daniel craig= FIT FIT FIT FIT

  3. Ladewi permalink
    27 August, 2007 12:23 AM

    I think you all need to remember. The bath pic is from the movie “Love Is The Devil. It received an R rating. If he was erect, that is considered pornographic. But he is FLACCID here..There for ..

  4. Yaksha permalink
    23 August, 2007 4:32 PM


    It is not small!! Obviously, if he was horny, it would look atleast 7-8 inches!!! Dont tell me that’s small for you lol!!

    Mike Says:- I couldn’t possibly comment, as we all know, something is only either big or small by comparison!

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