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Gay Times is dead…

19 March, 2007

…long live GT

Gay Times has ditched it’s rather obvious title in favour of the more compact GT. The new “glittering transformation”, the mag claims, has been done without any kind of explanation as to why they’ve revamped it. The old Gay Times was always a political mag, with news and political comment and featured contributors including Rictor Norton, Terry Sanderson, Richard Smith, Rupert Smith and Peter Tatchell

Having picked up a copy of the new GT this weekend, most of the above has been thrown out, except the contribution from Peter Tatchell, which, for once, I actually agreed with.


I cant help shake the feeling after reading the new mag that I’m perhaps getting too old for it, I’m guessing that the new mag is aimed at the youth market and anyone over the age of 35 probably won’t understand what half the articles or references are about. The style of writing has changed to a more metro style and is a bit too choppy and cliquey for general reading.

I remember as a young man of 14 on my first school trip to London, gazing at awe at a crowded newstand with a copy of Gay News on the top shelf and coming to the realisation that I wasn’t the only gay person out there. Although Gay News was incorporated into Gay Times a long, long time ago, I still have a fondness for the memory of the first time I saw a gay publication. There was something magical about seeing the word Gay as the title of a news publication.

These days Gay Times is available in almost every newsagent, on the top shelf mostly, but still widely available. The title could still be seen for what it was, alongside the copies of Attitude or Diva. Gay Times stood out like a beacon calling to all casual onlookers, in an empowering kind of way.

Sadly, with the name change, all that has gone. Poor Little Britain’s Dafyd will now have to mince into his local newsagent and declare “Can I have a copy of GT, it’s my only outlet”.

Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it…does it?

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