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Naked Politics

13 March, 2007

It has been revealed that Israel’s Ambassador to El-Salvador has been recalled back home after he was found drunk and naked apart from bondage gear. He was only able to identify who he was after the police had removed a rubber ball from his mouth.

A foreign ministry official described Ambassador Tzuriel Refael’s behaviour as an “unprecedented embarrassment”, the BBC report.

prince-albert.jpgSex scandals in the UK involving political figures have been recorded as early as 1889 when the police raided a gay male brothel in Cleveland Street, London. The clientele of that particular establishment included Queen Victoria’s grandson Prince Albert Victor, The Duke of Clarence.

Political sex scandals have always been the staple diet of the press, from the Profumo affair in the 60s, the Monica Lewinski affair at the Whitehouse and back home again to our very own John Prescott. Often these highly publisized sex scandals can, as in the case of Ms Lewinski, propel the perpetrators to TV stardom.

Why should we expect our political leaders to live squeaky clean lives. OK, so the fact that an Ambassador has been found naked in bondage gear is amusing, is it really that shocking that the guy likes a little fantasy with his sex life. The report doesn’t mention with whom he was having this fantasy with, would it have been as shocking or amusing if it had been his wife?

We set political figures on pedestals and then we expect them to behave in an almost superhuman way. Politicians are all human, have their needs, wants and desires. Providing they are breaking no laws then where’s the harm, in fact I personally see it as affirmation that these people who make the big decisions that affect my life have some human weaknesses and understand what it’s like to be a real person with thoughts, urges and feelings.

If I had been the discovering officer, I’d have slapped him on his pink, naked butt and sent him back on his way.

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