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Simpsonology and Neologisms

12 March, 2007

speedo_1.jpgMark Simpson in his colourful career has made a habit of creating new words for the popular press to seize upon. Not only is he creditted with creating the metrosexual, but has also given us words such as “sporno” and “phalliban”. Sporno being the propensity for sports stars literally getting their kit off to advertise everything from underwear to sunglasses. Phalliban, we now discover, is the hysteria our American cousins have of being faced with a man in a pair of snug fitting briefs or swimming trunks displaying the shape of his hidden treasures. Mr Simpson has called this Speedophobia in a recent article for

marksimpson.jpgCreating new words is nothing new, writers have been doing it for years, most recently Nissan created the words “simpology”, “modtro” and “spafe” in their TV adverts for their newly designed Micra. Mark Simpson is to neologisms what Nissan is to cars and churns a new one out at an alarming rate. I can forgive Mark however, as his neologisms are done with a tongue in cheek and a glint in his rather attractive eye!

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