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A new addition to the collection…

17 December, 2006

Mum & Dad have bought me a new netsuke for Xmas, this one is again carved from a tagua (palm oil) nut and is in the shape of a Japanese god. The god is Daikokuten and is carrying a mallet, which is a Japanese symbol of prosperity.

Isn’t he cute! The detail on his kinomo is lovely.

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  1. Daemonicus permalink
    16 January, 2007 6:46 AM

    Thanks, I was only going off the information given to me by the person from whom I bought the tagua nut netsukes from. I’m glad you’ve set me straight.

  2. taguanut art permalink
    15 January, 2007 6:12 AM

    Tagua nuts do not contain oil but a clear liquid [ edible ]wich as it matures turn solid and very hard and suitable for carving. Good luck with your collection. JL.

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